Innovative Percussion TS – PR PAUL RENNICK tenordrum stick


Zeer speciale tenor stick voor een donker geluid en een heerlijke rebound


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Innovative Percussion TS-PR Paul Rennick Signature Marching Tenor Sticks feature very large ‘Taj Mahal’ beads that really dig into the head to produce a dark sound. The edge on the bead helps keep things nice and articulate.

If your tenor line flips their sticks, they can use the latex-sleeved butt ends to create a warmer, blended timbre. The sleeves also help maintain the appropriate balance and rebound to keep the sticks rebounding nicely.

Made of strong white hickory, these sticks can take a licking and keep on ticking.

Innovative Percussion marching snare drum sticks are made of hickory, a wood that’s strong and dense enough to handle the abuses of a marching season.

Length: 16.5″

Diameter: 0.700″


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