Innovative Percussion FS – BK 3 Bret Kuhn Momentum


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The FS-BK3 “Momentum” is constructed to meet the current demands of modern drummers and those with younger hands. The stick is built with an elongated barrel bead and features a reverse taper to put more of the weight in the players hand. These features allow drummers with younger hands to work less and allow the drum to do more of the work for them. The stick works great as a full bodied tenor/snare drum stick and feels great on a practice pad as well. Bret designed the “Momentum” stick with the idea of having a stick for indoor or when you need a change of color and sound. The FS-BK3 lends itself well to younger players and is designed to give them the momentum they need to take on a larger marching percussion stick.

  • White Hickory
  • Length: 16 7/8″
  • Diameter: .670 – .680″ Reverse Taper
  • Elongated Barrel-Shaped Bead

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